Launch Party Thank You!

We at The Verge Series wish to thank everyone who converged with us last month for our inaugural Arts Festival.  It was a truly inspirational evening.


We would especially like to thank Thorn Street Brewery, which proved to be the perfect showcase for artists of every walk to display their work.



Photographs from the Jeans for Justice “Live It” campaign lined the walls with the faces of young people taking a stand against sexual violence.  Joe Baker’s stunning desert landscapes gleamed otherworldly from behind the stage.  Thorn Street’s delicious artisanal ales emboldened artists to sign up for the open mic.  The performances were moving and spirited, ranging from poetry, to monologues, to improv, to the enchanting tones of the Celtic Harp.  For everyone who took a stand (or an over-exulted howl) at the mic, we’d like to say bravo–in the spirit of poetry, art, and beer.


For a more complete review of the evening check out an article about us in  San Diego Uptown News!

We hope all of you will join us on August 29th for our 2nd Quarterly Arts Festival and Chapbook Release Party. In the meantime, we’ll be hosting our monthly salon series.


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